KUBB_ - 1993 EP [SRD001]

“The EP was written and recorded over the last year between hostels in Germany, kitchens in Cork, buses and trains as well as my makeshift “studio” at home. On “1993” the title track of the EP my love of acid and piano house are clearly evident. It’s my attempt at melding the two genres whilst at the same putting a modern twist on it. “80” is one of the first ever songs I produced. It’s the heaviest track on the EP with some warped 303 lines, deep 909 kicks and some early 90s acid house documentary snippets for good measure. The b-side of the EP “Yerrr” started out as a quiet meditative “Eno-esque” ambient piece with no drums or percussion just pads and piano. The title of it started out as a joke as it was the most un “Yerrr” worthy track but I stuck with it as I thought it was funny. The version on the EP was about my fourth attempt at remixing my own track.” – Kubb_

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